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Today’s pet owners simply want more. Their collective belief is that pets are part of the family and they want the same high-quality, clean label, and non-GMO for their pet food and treats. These beliefs are driving the need for more transparency, sustainability, and personalization in the pet food industry.

The concern over locally grown and carefully sourced ingredients continues. Caldic does not source or produce Dadex antioxidants from geographical areas of concern. All Dadex antioxidants are human grade with dedicated production facilities for each of synthetic and natural systems to ensure transparency and tractability.

Caldic’s team of food scientists has developed many innovative solutions for pet food and pet treat applications which satisfy demands such as geographically aware, non-soy, grain-free, natural, non-GMO, gluten-free, organic and locally sourced and produced ingredients.

In order to protect both meals and oils at the source, antioxidants are first used by rendering companies in the pet food market. Antioxidants are then utilized at different stages during the manufacture of finished pet products. Dadex® is the brand name for a family of over 85 different and powerful blends. They are available in natural and synthetic versions as well as both dry and liquid formats to enable easy application throughout the process.

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