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Protecting food ingredients from oxidation is essential for maintaining the overall nutrition of finished products. Caldic’s food scientists have extensive knowledge of the oxidation process and understanding of food products on a molecular level. What may be suitable in an oil system does not necessarily translate into the food matrix. To assist our customers in meeting their shelf life goals, Caldic manufactures a broad range of natural and synthetic Dadex® antioxidant solutions for the food industry.

Our antioxidant blends can be customized to meet customers’ specific formulation, fatty acid profile and shelf life conditions. This will ensure that all sensory and nutritional parameters are consistent from beginning through until the end of the planned shelf life.

Although the primary use for antioxidant solutions in the human food sector is by oil refiners and packers, the addition of antioxidants to prepared meals, baked goods and sweet goods is becoming increasingly common. The market is gravitating towards more non-GMO, Organic and clean label products. Caldic’s team of development specialists can ensure a smooth transition from a synthetic to a more natural antioxidant solution tailored toward your specific requirements. Read more on the market trends below.

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