Caldic Antioxidant solutions

Why Dadex®?

Caldic Antioxidant Solutions for Shelf Life Management

Under the Dadex® brand, Caldic has been delighting our customers by innovating and supplying antioxidants solutions to the global food and pet food industry for over 25 years. Our extensive line of synthetic and natural antioxidant solutions can be tailored to meet each customer’s specific application and shelf life challenges. Caldic’s dedicated R&D application and process development support teams and our unique blend of science, quality and customer service guarantee great results in your finished product, operation and supply chain.

Natural Antioxidant Protection

Caldic has the broadest line of natural antioxidants in the industry. Dadex® natural antioxidants may contain Tocopherols, Rosemary, Green Tea, Lecithin and more. Flavour and aroma are kept to a minimum while still offering the best performance by optimizing the ratios of the ingredients.

Targeted Synthetic Antioxidant Protection

The Dadex® line of synthetic antioxidants, such as BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole), BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene), TBHQ (tert-butyl hydroquinone), and propyl gallate are used to effectively extend the shelf life of food, pet food and treats. Caldic’s proven synthetic alternatives allow customers to maintain their formulation’s current shelf life while meeting the forthcoming elimination of Ethoxyquin in the industry.

  • Over 80 solutions available to solve the toughest antioxidant challenges
  • Available in both liquid and dry formats
  • Organic and Non-GMO product versions
  • Supported by on-site technical assistance
  • Fully equipped laboratory and team of scientists
  • Shelf-life extension experts in both food, pet food and pet treats