Caldic Antioxidant solutions


Backed by Science

Caldic leads the industry in functional antioxidant custom blends and innovation for the food industry. Our team of scientists and operations personnel help provide improvements in our customers’ formulations and processes to achieve the best solutions.

We are experts in the shelf life projection for oils, fats, meals and finished foods. Our analytical capabilities provide a rapid and accurate forecast of shelf life for our customers as well as identify any potential issues in their supply chain.

Once the bench mark of shelf life has been established, we examine all pieces of the oxidation puzzle so that we can understand the complete picture before we start to use our state of the art laboratories and knowledgeable technical team to support our customers. We know how to identify and resolve any issues to help our customers reach their goals of 12, 18 and 24 months of shelf life for their finished food, pet food and aquaculture products..

Global Sourcing

With a global network of world class suppliers, Caldic is able to source the very finest ingredients and stay abreast of innovations and developments in the food, pet food and aquaculture industries. This way, customers receive immediate access to new products and ingredients that transform their products from good to GREAT! Caldic is proud to bring ingredients from around the world to our customers’ doors.

Custom Blended Formulations and Packaging

What distinguishes and truly translates to a competitive advantage for customers is Caldic’s focus on delivering specialized custom blended innovative solutions. Caldic serves as a crucial link in the supply chain. Working in partnership with suppliers of raw materials and essential ingredients, Caldic offers a complete package of products and services – so customers get exactly the ingredients they need, in the form they want, packaged to their requirements, wherever and whenever they need them.

The Caldic Advantage

Quality Assurance Accreditation

Quality assurance
GFSI, Level 2 at all facilities
FAMI-QS Certification
Certified Kosher and Gluten-free
Full Warehouse Management System


Dry and Liquid Products

Antioxidant protected oil blends
Functional blends
Antioxidant solutions

Dry Packaging Options

Pouching from 1g–5Kg
Semi-bulk tote bags
Corrugated carton/boxes
Gusset bags, valve bags
Spout Bags, stand -up pouch
Poly-laminated pillow bags

Liquid Packaging Options

Bulk tankers, totes (IBC’s), drums, pails

Warehousing & Distribution

North American Locations

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Elgin, Illinois, USA

European Locations

Hemiksem, Belgium
Glostrup, Denmark
Origgio, Italy
Oudewater, The Netherlands
Derbyshire, United Kingdom