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US Pet Food Market Trends

US Pet Food Market Trends

As the North American family is now having more pets than children, the dedication of pet owners towards care and nutrition of their pets will continue to increase at a high rate. The trend toward Clean Label, Natural, non-GMO is now not a trend but considered main stream for all niches of human grade and fresh/frozen ingredients. The threat of contamination, toxic levels of vitamins and salmonella over the past few years are reinforcing consumer insistence in human grade ingredients for their pet food and pet treats.

More specialty pet food, supplement and accessory stores will be present where consumers can find advice and specialty diets that cater to their concerns and needs of what their pet consumes.

Caldic meets and supports these trends with the use of only the highest quality human grade ingredients from geographically responsible locations. We have the technical knowledge and testing capabilities to support oxidation management and shelf life extension and are eager to provide our customers with our expertise.

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