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Understanding Oxidation

Understanding Oxidation

Once oxidation starts, the process is autocatalytic and proceeds at an ever increasing rate. This process, unless quenched, will completely denature fats and oils leading to the destruction of the essential fatty acids and of other fat soluble nutrients such as Vitamins A & E. This process not only lends an offensive odor to the fat but results in toxic compounds being formed.

Dadex® can prevent costly oxidation. It is important to add the proper amount of the correct Dadex® antioxidant as early as possible in supply chain. Each oil type and processing environment can require a different type or combination of antioxidants. The choice of Dadex® will depend on the fatty acid profile, natural antioxidants present and the plant’s process conditions. Adding Dadex® early on will:

  • Help prevent the initiation step toward oxidation
  • Provide proper dispersion

Our Caldic technical experts can help determine the best points of addition in order to minimize costs while meeting shelf life objectives.

Here you can download our Understanding Oxidation overview

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