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EU Aquaculture Market Trends

EU Aquaculture Market Trends

Aquaculture in the EU and South America are the epicenters of the global industry. The 2020 ban of Ethoxyquin in the EU feed chain has dramatically driven their demand for antioxidants to synthetic, natural and organic systems. While the rest of the world is still using Ethoxquin for the majority of formulations when exporting to the EU, producers will need to abide by the EU trends.

As the Aquaculture industry evolves towards higher end fish types and more specialization there is a growing demand for increased shelf life and fillet quality. The preservation of the Essential Omega 3 Fatty Acids is essential as the consumer is more aware of the health benefits.

In order to feed a hungry planet with protein fish farming will continue to grow in global importance. The awareness of the large carbon foot print of beef, lamb and pork will drive more people to farmed fish where the carbon foot print is much lower.

Caldic has many years of experience in the Aquaculture industry and the powerful Dadex line of antioxidants meets the rigorous demands of this industry. We have the technical knowledge and testing capabilities to support oxidation management and shelf life extension and are eager to provide our customers with our expertise.

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