Caldic Antioxidant solutions

Dadex Organic Antioxidants

Dadex Organic Antioxidants

Organic Certification allows Caldic to bring our innovation to our Dadex antioxidant offerings:

Dadex RT Organic

A synergistic blend of Rosemary, Mixed Tocopherols with an ancient grain as a carrier in the dry format for clean labeling and ease of inclusion into dry blends prior to the exposure of heat. The liquid form uses organic sunflower oil. Dadex RT Organic was developed to include a moderate level of antioxidants which provides excellent dispersion and preservation of all sensory properties over the shelf life of the finished food.

Vegetol RE-O Organic

An extract from Rosemary designed to be low in flavonoids and aromatics providing a clean label as it can be declared as flavor or spice depending on local legislation.​

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