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US Food Market Trends

US Food Market Trends

Synthetic antioxidants will continue to be present in Food Service applications as they are inexpensive and very effective. As the consumer does not see the labeling of any ingredients TBHQ will continue to be the dominant antioxidant of choice. Often in combination with Citric Acid for chelation of pro oxidants, these formulations will be present for many years to come.

In Retail food products the trend is quite different as food producers will increasingly strive for clean labels and avoid acronyms or chemical sounding ingredients. Oxidation of food can be slowed with a move towards modified fatty acid profile oil such as mid and high oleic sun, soy, canola and other oils. Where this is not possible due to cost, many producers are moving towards natural antioxidants such as mixed tocopherols, green tea and spice extracts such as rosemary, oregano and sage.

While the spice extracts hold the advantage of declaration as spices or flavor they can also contribute flavor, aroma and color. They are often used as a stand alone ingredient in prepared meats. Green Tea brings its own issues of toxicity at high levels of inclusion and color impact. Mixed Tocopherols continue to lead the market in many natural applications due to their effectiveness and virtually no disadvantages.

Caldic leads the antioxidant market with our diverse product line of Dadex antioxidants. We have the technical knowledge and testing capabilities to support oxidation management and shelf life extension and are eager to support our customers with our expertise.

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